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//5 Trends A Website Development Company Can’t Ignore In 2020

5 Trends A Website Development Company Can’t Ignore In 2020

5 Trends A Website Development Company Can’t Ignore In 2020

2020 marks the beginning of a new decade ahead of the world, a decade that brings a new promise of change. If a website development company wants to survive in such an evolving environment it needs to adopt new emerging web-design trends.

Today web design trends have moved away from traditional girds and stock images. Now dynamic images, bold colour pallets, asymmetrical patterns, etc. have become the hallmarks of attractive web design.

Here are five web-design trends that perfectly combine aesthetics and emerging new technologies to create the best product:

#1 Thumb-first User Interface
In Q2 of 2020 smartphones generated nearly 51.53% of the internet traffic all over the world. Hence any website development company that has a modern clientele in global trade hotspots like Dubai, New York, Hong Kong, etc. will need to adopt a thumb-centric UI.

New websites must be mobile friendly with content that can be viewed perfectly in the 16:9 ratio of modern smartphone screens. Web-developers also must include thumb-centric navigation menus and overall content placement suited for single-handed use.

#2 Minimalism
Minimalism is one of the most classic web design trends that are truly timeless. The small number of working elements on the website reduces information overload and increases conversions rates.

The foundational principle of minimalist web-design is: “show, don’t tell”

Simple scrolling navigation, use of contrasting colours, strategic use of whitespace is what makes minimalist websites stand out in the crowd. You must also remember to use clear & bold fonts to drive home the point!

#3 Micro-Interactions
A website development company needs to understand that users love surprises, and micro interactions are the way to give them that! Micro-interactions add another layer of humanity to the seemingly cold and inhumane internet.

These humanized features make perfect sense in hyper-active metropolitan megacities like Dubai, London, Los Angeles, etc. to grab user attention to increase website conversions. Make the web-surfing experience fun & interactive with hover animations, chimes, beeps, etc. along with tactically placed CTAs to optimize your inbound traffic conversion rates!

#4 AI Chatbots
Chatbots have been on the web for quite some time now, but they have finally started to gain traction in 2020. This traction can be attributed to the advances made in AI and machine learning which has made them smarter.

Chatbots are slowly becoming staples of website design with being available in different levels of customizations. The use of warm and bright colours make chatbots seem more inviting and humane, thus driving up the engagement of your website.

#5 More Video
Video content is as old as the internet itself, thus it is nothing new to use them in web design. Video content gives a website development company the ability to cater to the vast majority of people visiting your website, who wouldn’t have time to read through the entirety of the page.

New updates to the Google search algorithm now put video results above standard web pages. To show up in the search results of major internet usage hotspots around the world like, Dubai, Beijing, Tokyo, Amsterdam, etc. you need video content on your website.

Our Take
The worldwide web has evolved a lot since its creation. With the coming of 2020, it is time for businesses to change their practices and adapt to new realities. The failure in integrating such changes is only going to isolate many brands and businesses into a group small group of underachievers in a rapidly-evolving online world.

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