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//Self-care in the digital space

Self-care in the digital space

Self-care in the digital space

According to statistics available in the public domain, people spend an average of 145 minutes on social media daily. For most of us, we spend even more.
But the digital world is a massive connection of minds, reflections, and opinions. That makes it an atmosphere where we could easily get hurt mentally and emotionally.
So how do we stay in charge of our digital space when we cannot decide what happens online? Here are four easy-to-remember quick tips for self-care in the digital space.

Set your Boundaries

Before going online, be sure of what you want to do. Avoid peeking into what you didn’t go online to do, as it could be distractive at the end. You can download some browser extensions to help block sites you want to avoid.

Observe Before Contributing

We advise that you go through a chat thread to see the character makeup of participants. You won’t look long before spotting if intolerant ones are waiting to engage people that differ in opinion from theirs. If you can’t stand them, avoid joining the conversation.

Learn To Ignore Cynics

You will need this when someone picks at you. Sometimes, people do this to feel good about themselves. Do not give anyone your moment by responding or trying to defend your view.

Stay Real

There is the tendency to try measuring up with people you find online. That could cause you to demand from yourself what is alien to your nature. Be yourself and do what is natural to your personality.

Bottom Line

The digital space is now an essential part of our reality. While you cannot control what happens online, you must take charge of what gets to you and your response. So, get on it and make that space yours.

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