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Codx Point of Sale (POS) is a one-stop solution to monitor all the dealing activities
among your trade channels. Our management tool offers effortless transactions with its
intuitive stream of conducting payments and orders.

Below are the Key Features of Codx POS:

● A User-Friendly POS
Work efficiently using a refined graphic interface that is intended to deliver a flawless experience.
● Easy to Install Mechanism
Start in seconds with a fluent installing process to conduct operations on the go.
● No Hardware Preference
Meant for businesses of all shapes and sizes, Codx POS can turn relatively any device with an internet connection into a Point of Sale.
● Smart Analytics and Reports
Skip waiting throughout the whole day to receive reports and make insightful
decisions with complete customers, inventory, and sales analysis.
● Cloud-Based POS
Without making any investments in extra hardware infrastructures, Codx POS
automatically backs-up all your data over a secure Cloud Support.
● Integrated Accounting and HRM Modules
The integrated control units inside Codx POS come loaded with essential
accounting functions and Human Resource Management (HRM) tools.
● Advanced Customer Services
Build a stronger relationship with customers by instantly crafting their profile
records including total purchase history and sending them digital invoices.
● Real-Time Inventory Stock Management
Maintain your stocks with having 24×7 supervision on the inventory status. Get notified whenever they are running low and know your current supply chain info.
● Active Financial Status
Keep track of your current financial performance with centralized data reports to instantly develop a better strategy.
● Real-Time Integrated Dashboard
Enjoy a powerful and customizable dashboard plan that will serve you with direct insights within all your business aspects

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