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Like everything else in the world, the epidemic also had an impact on marketing. The virtual platform for consumers changed the in-person experience and thus made it mandatory for marketers to re-strategize and plan their marketing campaigns.

Here are some digital marketing trends that all marketers should keep an eye on:

Short videos will be the future:

Video is the future and it is not going to be different in 2021. In light of recent developments, it is projected to grow faster than expected. A recent study shows that live video has been blown up to 99% in 2020.

Keeping social distance rules in mind, more and more people turned to video to stay connected and video conferencing became the new norm.

As the general population became more comfortable with video, other video streaming platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and even Linkedin began to become part of the norm with their live-streaming features.

User-generated content will grab attention:

Consumers today want to assure that they are not making a poor purchase decision and this is where user-generated content comes into the picture. More businesses are turning to social media to promote their products online, but not in the traditional advertising format.

User-generated content includes videos, pictures, and reviews that brands repost on their pages. This strategy is clear, genuine, and super-reliable for consumers. It also confirms the notion that people trust other people when making new purchases. 

It is proved that people are more likely to buy products when someone else promotes them and marketers can use them to their advantage.

 Voice and Visual search will take center stage:

The invention of voice assistants such as Alexa and Siri has paved the way for a growing number of voices. Today most families own a smart speaker and are using it to do quick searches.

Conversational marketing will change the way we interact with our consumers. Chatbots will help create a personalized experience for consumers.

Devices such as Google Lens have also enabled consumers to search through visuals. Thus, it has become important for marketers to design their websites to support voice and visual searches, and to focus more on image all-text and sitemaps for images.

Featured Snippets

Position zero is now gaining more traction than before. In the past, content marketers could claim both a Featured snippet and a SERP entry. Now, Google has changed the game. Position zero has become position #1.   

Branded content will become more prominent:

Research says that branded content is about 20 times more engaging than displaying ads and it has the potential to get more consumers. Branded content does not force-feed advertisements to consumers, but adds more entertainment, experience, and value to the marketing strategies.

Branded content can create trust and provide a connection with the audience. In conclusion, social media will become the top channel for purchase and not just the discovery of the products. 

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